Moxie’s* Story

When I started the marathon half-day interview, I did not know how imperiled this child was. I only knew that the allegations involved yet another case of neglect due to opioid addiction and that more than half of all the reports I received were unfounded. Walking in I figured I had a 50/50 chance of substantiating on neglect and removal. I hoped for the best. #Trauma #CPS #Child #ChildSafety #Family #Vulnerable #BellePfau #TenderVices

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Carolina Christmas

Earlier this year I was gardening in Bird City and stumbled upon a huge bulb buried deep in the ground. I didn’t know what it was, but as it was late autumn and I hadn’t seen it sprout or bloom, I assumed more sun and proximity to the surface would restore its natural state. I moved it and it began to sprout almost immediately.

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Fear and Trembling in the Age of Covid-19

Tell me, are you tired of watching the people above you on the success ladder live one life on LinkedIn and another one in their real life? Shouldn’t a leader be consistent and persistent? It seems 50% of them talk about Shepherd Leadership and don’t even know what shepherds do!

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